For more than 10 years, HONEST HORSE has produced the high quality garnet abrasives for water jet cutting, sandblasting ,coatings removal, surface preparation ,water filtration and other specialized applications. HONEST HORSE is rock type garnet mined from natural garnet rocks 200 meters underground.
  • It goes through crushing,magnetic separation,washing and drying production procedures.
  • Being crushed from natural garnet rocks, our garnet sand has high hardness and more sharpe dges.
  • With many times magnetic separations to remove impurities,it keeps high qualified red grains.
  • Then several times washing remove the powder away.
  • After screening of sifting bed,each size has the uniform particle distribution.

1.Raw material1.Raw material
2.Raw material2.Raw material
4.Washing and magnetic separation4.Washing and magnetic separation
5.Garnet sand after washing5.Garnet sand after washing
6.Second magnetic separation6.Second magnetic separation
8.First screening8.First screening
9.Second screening9.Second screening
10.Third Screening10.Third Screening
11.Final product11.Final product
12 25KG per bag 40 bags in one ton bag12 25KG per bag 40 bags in one ton bag