Waterjet cutting in metal processing:

taking metal cutting as an example. various processing methods present a myriad of trends, including laser, flame cutting (plasma cutting), edm cutting, wire cutting, etc.
Each cutting method has its advantages and limitations. But in many means of cutting, water jet cutting belongs to a special type of cold cutting, directly by using the water jet energy of abrasive water jet cutting on metal cutting and to achieve, no chemical change during the process of cutting, physical and chemical properties of cutting material to no effect, no thermal deformation, narrow kerf width, high precision and smooth section, clean and pollution-free advantages, can be processing and processing of materials, the traditional method can not use, such as glass, ceramics, composite material, reflective material, chemical fiber, heat sensitive materials.
Water jet cutting thickness of the metal material, generally can reach more than 50 mm, and had no effect on the material, cut metal finish 1.6μm, cutting precision of + / - 0.10 mm, can be used for cutting, precision forming, on the other hand, water knife cutting in terms of non-ferrous metal and stainless steel cutting has a unique, no reflective effect and edge losses, plus there is no limit to the water jet cutting material.