Matters needing attention when using garnet for sandblasting

Matters needing attention when using garnet for sandblasting

1. Humidity of air.


When the relative humidity in the air reaches 85% or the surface temperature of the object being sandblasted is less than 3 degrees Celsius, the sandblasting operation should be stopped.


2. Time interval between sand blasting and painting.

Generally speaking, pomegranate sand should be painted immediately after sandblasting, so that the contact time between the sandblasting object and air is short, and the dust and moisture content falling to the workpiece surface is low, which can maintain excellent sandblasting effect and achieve a longer coating life. The excellent time interval between sandblasting and painting is 4 hours, more than 6 hours of unpainted, it is necessary to carry out secondary surface treatment.


3. Test the moisture and chloride content of pomegranate sand.

The requirement for water and chloride content of guava sand is less than 1%. If they are too high, they can easily produce soluble salts. Our chloride content is as low as 0.01%which is no harmful for human and environment.