The main application of Honest Horse garnet sand,

Water jet cutting: 

Garnet grains are among the toughest minerals in the world, as the material has withstood the test of time- being weathered and eroded over thousands of years! Our Garnet ranks high among the world’s best waterjet abrasives in terms of speed of cutting and consumption of abrasive. There is no interruption in the cutting process and this reduces cutting time, increasing productivity and leading to outstanding performance in waterjet cutting applications.

Sand blasting: 

Abrasive blasting at high pressure is commonly used against an object to smoothen out a rough surface. Sand blasting describes the action of launching very fine components of the material at high-speed, in order to clean up or etch a surface. Shot blasting is used for blasting metal. Mobile shot blasting machines are most commonly used for blasting drums, floors or walls.


it is a natural abrasive, non-toxic, non-dusting and allows its repeated use.

it is environmentally friendly and safe to the extent that it is easy to store and dispose of waste.

it works perfectly wherever we care about not introducing into the environment toxic substances that are harmful to plants, animals and also the most people.

It is the most ecological abrasive available on the market.