HONEST HORSE Sandblasting

Using the impact of high velocity sand flow to clean and roughen the surface of the substrate. The compressed air is used as the driving force to form a high-speed jet beam.

Sandblasting makes the surface of the work piece for cleanliness and different roughness, make the work piece can improve the mechanical properties of the surface, thus improves the fatigue resistance of the work piece, increased its adhesion between the coating and, extend the durability of the coating, but also to the flow of paint and peaceful decoration. 

Benefits of sandblasting:

1. The metal parts will not be damaged, and the dimensional accuracy will not change;

2. The surface of the parts is not contaminated, and the abrasive will not react with the material of the parts; It is easy to deal with hard-to-reach parts such as grooves, which can be used in various kinds of abrasive materials.

3..Significant reduction in processing costs, mainly reflected in the improvement of work efficiency, which can meet the requirements of various surface lighting requirements;

4. Low energy consumption and cost savings;

5.Not polluting the environment, saving the cost of environmental governance;

Being environmentally friendly.


HONEST HORSE CHINA HOLDING LIMITED established in 2005. We are the

professional manufacture and exporter for garnet sand, steel shot, steel girt, bearing

steel grit, glass beads and other abrasives .We have been working on the abrasive for 13 years.

Our abrasives are widely used in shipbuilding, foundry, steel, and automobile,

container, machine facture, pipeline anti-corrosion, aviation, granite cutting and so

on.Only for you to provide the best abrasive.